A New Page

For Vets

A New Page For Vets is a resource that assists veterans in their journey of exiting homelessness. We provide supportive services, and information to aid the veteran regain stability. Our goal is to help veterans achieve their goals and become self-sufficient.

Our team is comprised of a variety of compassionate professional individuals, each committed to ensuring the needs of the veteran are met. Our approach is from a holistic and practical viewpoint, focusing on the immediate need to gain long term success. Working collectively with each individual, identifying the need and creating goals, creates a successful outcome when the goals are met and sustainability is achieved.

The team consists of, three “brats,” one in higher education, one in politics and and one in social work. A Retired Sgt. from the USArmy and Law Enforcement, a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinician, and an additional Substance Abuse Clinician. As a group, we are very resourceful, we have years of service in locating and providing assistance and we remain hopeful that our assistance is a benefit to those who have served.

Who Is A New Page For Vets